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Live life richly.
However you define that, we’ll help you create it.

“Live life richly.” What does that mean?

For us, it means helping our clients use their finances to live the rich, full lives they’re working to create every day, both in their businesses and personally.

How you define “richly” is unique to you. Maybe it’s tied to maximizing the value of your business and preparing for your future exit and transition. Maybe it’s living the life you want at retirement, spending time with the people you care about, or making sure your family will be OK. Living life richly means something different for everyone. As true fiduciaries, our goal is to help you define that and make your ideal life a reality now and in the future.
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“Will we have enough? Can we do the things we want with our finances?” We help individuals and families to feel confident that their finances are positioned to support their goals and dreams.
A business owner who could use financial planning

Business Owners

“What is my business worth? When should I develop a succession plan?”
We’ll help to protect, grow, and transition the business you worked so hard to create.
A business that could use retirement planning services

Corporate Retirement Plans

“Do I have the right plan for my business? Will it help me attract and retain quality employees?”
This is essential to the health of your business.

What makes us different? We are...

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“We hear you.”
We ask the right questions and listen because you matter, and we create a roadmap that supports you and your business where you want to go.
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At Freedom Financial Partners, we’re looking for ways to help you before you ask, trying to anticipate your business and personal wants and needs before you do.
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From our powerful tools to our unique business and individual financial planning process, we build relationships around structured processes.

Financial Planning and Wealth Management Services To Help You Live RichlySM

What choices need to be made so you can protect the people you care about, plan for life’s uncertainties, or live comfortably during your retirement years? With personalized plans and advice, we’re in the business of bringing life and finances together for our clients, aligning their goals with their investment strategies.

Fiduciary Obligation: To Focus First on You and Your Goals

The ethical standards that come with being fiduciaries are high.
As true fiduciaries, we’re legally obligated to put your best interest above our own, charge reasonable fees, act promptly, and disclose conflicts of interest. There’s no gray area.

That’s what differentiates us as fiduciary advisors from non-fiduciary advisors - YOU come first in all we do.

Guided decision-making, strategies, and financial planning for your rich life.

Guided decision-making, strategies, and financial planning for your rich life.

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