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Let us help you find the right options to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.

As a business owner you’re aware there are many valuable pieces to protect – the business, your family, your team, your assets and yourself. Let’s work together to make sure you can stay focused on success where it matters instead of dealing with unnecessary hardships.
For example, have you considered the negative financial consequences that losing a key employee could have for your business? With the right insurance, you can alleviate some of the worry over employee morale or how the business will keep moving forward.
Roughly 22% of businesses have key person life insurance in place.

– Insurance Information Institute

Let us help you find the right coverages:

Life Insurance

Disability Insurance

Key Employee Protection

Family Income Protection

Buy-Sell Agreements

Business Debt Coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend protecting your finances and setting your business up for continued success by opting for a key person protection plan funded by life insurance.
You can replace income for your family by creating a business debt and family income protection plan through the purchase of life insurance.
You can cover these potential issues by creating a buy sell agreement. Doing so will keep all parties and their assets protected, as well as provide a mutually agreed-upon framework and price for potential buyouts.
It’s important to be prepared by having individual and/or group disability insurance coverage in place. Doing so will help ensure you still receive income to help cover your regular bills and expenses.
Your business costs, including those related to your employees and facilities, don’t go away if you become disabled. We offer various plans that help you cover your regular bills, business expenses and 401K contributions.

Be prepared no matter what comes your way.

Through our independent insurance agency, we provide customized solutions with industry-leading carriers. Let’s make sure your family, business and assets are protected and priorities are covered no matter what comes your way.

“You guys really opened our eyes to some things we weren’t aware of.”

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