Trever Christian and John Schwalbach, Partners
August 12, 2021

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FAQs Relating to Fiducient

Who is Fiducient?

Fiducient is an independent consulting firm that provides investment consulting to a select group of firms within our industry. Their focus, similar to Freedom Financial Partners, is to provide conflict free, client first advice. They have no relationships with large financial institutions, custodians or investment managers. They advise on 226 billion dollars in direct client assets.

What will Fiducient be doing for Freedom Financial Partners?

Fiducient will be providing third-party investment consultant services for FFP. We will still make all final investment decisions inhouse but will rely on Fiducient expertise in the areas described below.

  • Investment Research: Fiducient has over thirty CFA charter holders (plus ten more in process) and numerous other designations including CFP®, CPA, CIMA, CAIA, MBA etc. They also have over fifty people dedicated to research. The team conducts approx. 1,500 manager meetings per year across active & passive managers to review existing approved strategies, explore new opportunities, etc.
  • Investment Committee Support: Fiducient will provide existing research and reporting for our Investment Committee that already meets quarterly. They will assist us with analyzing new investment opportunities and allocations.
  • Asset Allocation: Fiducient will assist us with analyzing asset allocation for our investment models on an ongoing basis. They will work with us in conjunction on any changes that we may make in the future.

Why partner with Fiducient?

There were several key reasons for us to bring on Fiducient as an investment consultant.

  • Add Value for Clients: First and foremost, we feel like the partnership with Fiducient will add value for our clients. They will be working with us to find ways to reduce costs and expense ratios associated with our portfolios. They will also help us evaluate new types of investments in different areas such as private investments.
  • Allows Us More Time with Clients: We value resources that allow us to spend more time with clients understanding their goals and objectives. We feel like Fiducient allows us to achieve those objectives while also allowing us to retain complete control of the investment decision making process.
  • Lack of industry conflicts: While having impressive depth and capabilities, Fiducient is not encumbered with many of the conflicts inherent with larger investment firms within our industry. Much like FFP, they are intentional in reducing or eliminating industry conflicts that prevent them from providing advice that is in the best interest of clients.
  • Research and Due Diligence Depth: Fiducient provides extraordinary depth for investment research and due diligence. Their team has impressive credentials which we will be able to leverage to evaluate existing and new investment management opportunities.

How will that impact my fees as a client?

Clients will see no additional fees as related to our partnership with Fiducient. In the future, Fiducient will be assisting us with evaluating portfolio expenses and fees to further reduce those on behalf of our clients.

How much will my existing investments change?

As mentioned above, we are not seeking to make wholesale changes to our investment platform. We are currently undergoing a comprehensive evaluation of all our portfolios and would expect changes to some of the portfolios. Many of these changes are a result of current market and economic conditions. We will be reaching out to many of you to discuss these in the coming weeks.

What is Freedom Financial’s relationship with Fiducient?

Fiducient is strictly a third-party investment consultant to Freedom Financial Partners. Fiducient does not own any portion of Freedom Financial Partners, and we are under no obligation to continue our relationship with Fiducient if we do not feel it is in the best interest of our clients.

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