Ever since my sophomore year of college, it has been my dream to become a CFP® professional. We had an alumnus come and share his experience of helping clients uncover and achieve their financial goals, and it struck a chord in me. This was a perfect blend of technical knowledge combined with the relational interaction I enjoyed. In October of 2020, that dream of becoming a CFP® professional was realized. As I grow and develop in my career, my north star will always be to empower people to achieve their goals and dreams through comprehensive financial planning.

What does comprehensive financial planning mean? It all starts with the getting to know the client and their goals and values. From there, we are able gather information about the client’s current financial situation and develop a comprehensive financial picture. I will analyze any strengths and vulnerabilities and develop recommendations to help the client achieve their goals. For some, that will mean purchasing their dream house, or providing for their children’s college education. For others, this could be an investment plan that takes their entire financial picture into account, instead of relying on the next hot stock tip.

My clients are typically young professionals who are curious about investing and want someone who will listen to them instead of talking at them. Through financial planning, these clients have achieved goals that they didn’t think would be possible to achieve, like paying down student loan debt or affording a trip to Europe. They understand their unique financial outlook and have peace of mind regarding daily spending decisions.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you want to know more about how I can help your financial situation, or you know someone that may benefit from speaking with me.

On the personal side:

I greatly enjoy spending time with my wife, Christi, and my son London. My interests outside of work are numerous, but a few that stand out are as follows: cooking, swimming, music, reading, and bullet journaling. A perfect getaway for my family would be a trip to the Minnesota North Shore – the Lake Superior shoreline is breathtaking and there is always a new place to explore.

Education, Licenses and Financial Services Activities:

  • Member of Financial Planning Association