Tambra Ray

Tambra Ray

Office & Marketing Manager

(651) 797-3532


After holding different positions in the corporate world, I was ready for something different when I was presented with an opportunity to become a life coach.  After learning how I could powerfully support people in making meaningful change and enjoy living the life they truly wanted (and having grown up wanting to be a counselor), the decision was a no brainer.  After 10 years of helping people change their lives for the better, another opportunity to grow came along and here I am as part of the Freedom Financial team.  This too felt very natural since as a kid, I found comfort in knowing how much money was in my piggy bank and adding to it. 

As the Office & Marketing Manager, in addition to pieces that support the day-to-day operations of our firm, I get to combine my love for building client relationships with the wealth management services we proudly offer so that people can live richly not only today but in all phases of life.

With the help of social media, I am excited to bring more awareness to the uniqueness of this firm and why we continue to grow.  I love the family of clients we have and look forward to those of you who will join us!

On the personal side: 

I am privileged to have the title of mom.  I take this role seriously and thoroughly enjoy developing two human beings into awesome adults (as long as I can get a few workouts in during the week to keep me sane).  I love what is behind us and look forward to building more cherished memories together.

I enjoy summers in Minnesota, spending time with people I care about, good food (and chocolate), time at home and supporting local causes that help people in need.  I look forward to adding reading, travel and more down time to that list (hmmm … perhaps it’s time to hire a life coach?).

Education, Licenses, and Financial Services Activities:

  • Certified Executive Coach
  • Stewardship Director